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Need for speed no limits

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any way to get some gold by editing dword values? looked in a few tutorials but none worked

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On 12/5/2019 at 12:46 PM, MrLazurit said:

Who want i can make 999 999 gold on your account


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hey guys,


how can i mod need for speed no limits?

have version 4.8.41

can′t find anything

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    • By candivia
      I tried today to hack the game?like I did a year ago?and have 9999999 gold and couldn't do it anymore as the old ways , it shows that it have changed to this value and it instantly returns back to the original value ..
      How to hack Gold for the 4.4.6 version of the game ?!
    • By ElGarlado
      Hey dear community,
      two days ago I stumbled over GameGuardian and tried to make it work since. Recently I switched to using iPhone for the first time, however there is no jailbreak available for the current iOS version (12.4) right now. As for my research, using GG on an factory iPhone is not possible, right?
      I have seen that it is possible to change an account's amount of gold in "Need for Speed: No Limits" with GameGuardian - on android and on iOS as well. Now I am here asking you for help: Is there somebody with an (jailbroken) iPhone who is willing to use GameGuardian on their system to add gold to a GameCenter account?
      Thanks a lot in advance
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      Hello guys, can someone explain me how I should hack the new version of NFS 3.4.6? My device doesn't have root. I would really appreciate if someone would help me hack this game without installing root on my phone. Thank you!
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      Would you rather use 86 or BRZ?
      IGN: xSanz

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      Hi I want to do a millionaire of money and gold as game name games - need for Speed No Limits will it make you 99.9999
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