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  1. cant possibly know will needto try many versions. can u share the link i will keep on trying? i remember when using GG for BS it was the SAME version we use for normal fones. only NOX was separate so at least b4 u combined NOX/BS GG version .tx. on a side note starting a game without protection would allow me to get gems? or doesn't work that well ? (yes game is linked to servers always it is only playable online) tx a lot for ur help
  2. can u please send me a link of old GG D/L? is there a link for old versions so i test which ones worked? tx in advance.
  3. same games that i play on Bluestacks and Nox been 6+ months speedhack never works anymore. dunno wot happened to GG but all the time i get the x86 library problem - and like i sais SAME games that i used GG in BS for 3+ yrs now don't work with GG speedhack. something must have been done from GG side that killed it. as a matter of fact i tried otehr games i don't need GG speedhack on but know GG works now it doesn't work. same games on mobile fone work flawlessly!!! please fix To elaborate more i think when GG unified GG for BLUESTACKS (not nox for i used to use GG only for Nox and the other GG for mobile AND Bluestacks) once GG created Download for BS also since then GG speedhack in BS stopped working. maybe having GG only for nox and GG for the rest including BS would work again cuz why fix something if it ain't broken? cheers
  4. but i have the game on my fone and tablet and speedhack works fine. anything i can do to make the speedhack work on BS?
  5. Now that u mentioned it LGOH updated couple of weeks ago to support x64. Can this b the problem? Ofc my win10 is 64bit
  6. but been working for yrs; nothing changed but ur version of GG - and only 1 game that speedhack worked fine stopped working. still works fine on mobile and tablet
  7. worked like a charm - found the SW icon...but still speedhack wont work
  8. i tried to change it from the settings - i set it to software acceleration (DEFAULT) - it did not work; since i upgraded to version 86 (then .1.2.3) even 86.3 the speedhack stopped working on latest bluestacks. been using GG for years on fone tablet and BS. but for some reason after 86 BS stopped working on ONLY one game LGOH the rest r working fine. any idea? cheers
  9. never said it's your problem man. tx for the help anyways
  10. first 2 worked .left is 35/50 impossible to narrow down 35/50. 35 & 15 give thousands (or hundred of thousands) of search. any idea? i cannot spend from the 35 to be able to narrow it down. would luv to hear ur thoughts on that man
  11. Enyby, it didn't work; i tried the video i got less than 50 hits changed them all to the value i want - didn't work. when i have VERY LOW numbers i can change them not when they get K or M next to them. was never able to change 30/50 or 40/50. when it says 250,000k means 250,000? so 1,800k is 180,000? last searching for the forward slash (/) like 35/50 also with range? i want to make the 35 become 100/50 or 50/50 (it can go above 50/50 ) how to search and then change it? tx man
  12. I use GG successfully for my needs and i'm able to change lots of values except if they have the following like K or M (thousands or millions) or if they have a / (Forward slash) check pic
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