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  1. Read about 0~~0 in the help.
  2. They try all combination of all letters. For example gg.a gg.b gg.c gg.d and so on. [added 1 minute later] It would be nice if the API documentation existed ... but unfortunately this is not, never was and never will be.
  3. Nobody know full list of gg commands. Its lost knoweldge from ancient. What we have now - only other scripts. We need study it for learn more.
  4. You doing something wrong if you need freeze 8000+ values.
  5. Enyby


    Yes I. I come to everyone's home, I live with him for a month and teaching everything from scratch.
  6. while true do gg.sleep(30*60*1000) gg.timeJump('30:00') gg.toast('Jumped Again') end
  7. Use while loop, sleep and timeJump calls.
  8. Enyby

    Script delete value

    Use refine search for 1000.
  9. Buy another device and root it.
  10. Find another difference by which you can determine which case it is. For example, a list of loaded libraries. Tomorrow, developers can apply the approach with 10 android, for older versions. And this will break your script if it relies on the version of android. You can make a lazy double search mechanism. The script looks for the presence of the saved search type in the config. If it isn’t empty, use this type. If the search is unsuccessful, it switches to another type. If it is empty there, it first conducts one search, and if it is unsuccessful, then the second. In any case, the type is saved in the config. This allows you to completely solve the problem.
  11. Indeed, how to automate clicks using the memory editor?
  12. All android now is 10 or earlier. You need detect behavior, not some flags. So find simple way to detect difference in memory layout and use it.
  13. Enyby

    Game File

    I have ten assumptions about what's wrong there. Any idea which one is right for you?
  14. Indeed, how to edit files using the memory editor?
  15. Indeed, how to edit applications using the memory editor?
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