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  1. Gives matchmaking problem 100% in armv7a May not in x86
  2. Use vmos pro* From where did u download, vmos app ? Use official ones only,
  3. Yes, your absolutely right! But in armv7, we get matchmaking issue for rank also classic 100% , if we [select process or debug] before login* But in above android 9 versions with root, no fc*, may b due to privacy default settings* Does you know how to fix for less than android 9 devices?? Xpravicy xposed any helpful? Wht permissions to deny? Please help me
  4. How you fixed ? Fc What permissions to deny, using xprivacy?? Please reply For me also fc from few days, but not before
  5. @Enyby I can't start the apk now Where's rom?? In your optimized version [Actual Size of the apk is 600 mb, you without resource] Now updated to v1.0.6, help pls Does making debuggable=true in Android manifest.xml makes optimse with gg ??? Please @ENYBY REPLY
  6. I have never seen in 2020, who are making mod like you bro* All just hook the apk.
  7. @TopGEOYT No Rank Matches, Even Classic Matchmaking issue after 2 games, if any server updates then ban in 3 days.* This above issues not only on free mod's also for Paid Mod's who are making hacks for free fire from beginning* Only script is safe but force close* I have found trick to fic fc via change date in lobby this makes no fc for a long time*
  8. if you are asking help then correctly write your issue, otherwise no one replies* What that does mean, How to reset menu choice?? -- if you have issue, as being in same choice menu.!! Then give a function, to where to go in menu choice only I just advice to keep back button* in menu choice.
  9. I dont know why, we are getting error 105 or 106. The game is force close on Root or Vmos, When we using script. But in virtuals no force close But in virtual, we cant play Ranked Matches. We Have Fixed, by Following ways: 1. Changing Magisk or Superuser Name to Anything with Apkeditor. But Sometimes its not working. 2. Changing date in device in lobby, works 100%. But connection issue after sometime, as we changed date* We are getting notice like below: 1. Game is protected 2. Another debuggered is connected to the game* etc I have noticed that some debuggered is activated, when we opening game. When game crashes that also crashes* May be this causing Force close. Can anyone can help me to stop this debuggered crack the game?? Pls help @Enyby @TopGEOYT @MrVinYT Even we have force close in virtual* If have merge Free fire apk fully with virtual like how xposed installer given in virtualxposed Pls Help this noob, pls sir sir sir sir sir @Enyby
  10. You must root++ -- Run game in normal -- Run GG in virtual environment eg: in virtuapxposed, multiple accounts.
  11. Downgrade Or use pc emulator
  12. Oh iPad View is safe, but dont try scope hacks.. (time waste + ban)
  13. Try excellence dualaid app also try virtualxposed Note: make sure that you allow root for virtual environment in gg settings [added 2 minutes later] enyby made tutorial also. Parallel space, virtualxposed, excellence dual aid allows incognito, secret mod installation..
  14. Does u use root?? Or virtual scope & speed hacks are not safe for online games! I think, i already, said that gives eliminate.
  15. Try vmos pro with 7.1.2 32bit root rom. There are so many bugs in 5.1 and 7.1.2 64 bit roms U can get here-
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