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  1. From what I've read, 0~~0 can be any number of bytes (not sure if that's entirely correct), what if I need to skip exactly 128 bytes?
  2. Hello everyone, So I've made a script on CE and it works perfectly on the Emulator, and I want to replicate it as a GG lua. With CE my group search input is: 4:444444 w:128 4:0 w:16 4:10000 That pretty much guarantees to find the correct game characters. I've looked through the documentations and I can't find anything a feature similar to "w;" (skipping a certain number of bytes), so I came here looking for help. The closest I could get to is 444444D;????;0D;????;10000D::153 I'm just really bummed out that I don't know what the skip variable is for group search. Also, while I'm here, since I haven't started writing the script yet, assuming if 444444D;????;0D;????;10000D::153 does find something, will it return 1 item or 3 items?
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