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  1. , I thought here would be advanced gg coders, like you but I guess not, thx anyway
  2. GameCrasher

    help me please

    I dont know how to create lua files in function for so I did what I understood what you wanted in basic lua help me.lua
  3. I asked a friend and he said to hide values with b64 then hide base, hide function with double obfuscated string, add binary protection then convert to binary, how do I do that?
  4. How do I add anti log to my script?
  5. I mean, easier ways for searching values
  6. How can I make game guardian search for a random value?
  7. Does anyone have tips or tricks on searching values?
  8. How would I use else in a script, print('loadList:', gg.loadList('/sdcard/Download/Test.txt')) while false do gg.alert('test') end else while true do gg.alert('oof')
  9. I want gg to search for a random value, how do I do that?
  10. I have friends who wanna learn gg in basic lua but there is too much to tell, so yeah
  11. I thought there was a way to testfor files?
  12. I want to know how I can make gg serch for a file, if its there then go to the menu, if not go to gg alert.
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