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  1. TheRealYiDa


    i have recently been spammed/black mailed from a google account, i was wondering if game guardian could hack his google password that way i could get into his account and stop him. Is that possible?
  2. Hi i am new to game guardian and i am very intrested in it. I always wanted to learn how to code/hack and with this i finally can. So thank you Enyby for creating this app.
  3. I have tried multiple virtual spaces and every time i use game guardian and launch a game i keep getting the same error over and over saying "google play services cant run without google play services which are currently updating" i am really tired of this does anyone know how to fix it?
  4. When I try to load a game through VirtualXposed all it shows is a black screen. My question is does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. i do not have a custom recovery made for my device model yet so i cant get root. But i have tried it with my pc but it said it did not detect usb debugging but i know that it was on.
  6. So I do not have a root and I use game guardian with a virtual space. For some apps that I launch with the virtual space after a few minutes or sometimes seconds the game will freeze and a grey message will appear saying "google play services won't run without google play services which are currently updating." and this happened to me first when I was playing the game "color switch" and then that message was on my screen about 1 minute after I launched it from the virtual space. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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