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  1. this application is modified by third parties, there is no way to contact the game developers! The libMitosTeam.so file is a mod menu injected into the game! stupid answers!
  2. but do you know how I edit the data in the libMitosTeam.so file by the game guardian?
  3. Hello how do I edit the Android app with the Guardian game? change the app photo, the app title and save to .apk, edit as apk editor and save to install on android !? I want to edit a compiled application and I can't do it with the apk editor, but I know I can edit it with the game guardian, can someone help me please ...?!?!?
  4. Mod menu for free fire everything is in the folders of the game .apk, would it be possible to edit the data of the mod menu that is protected and save in .apk by game guardian? would it be possible to edit the mod menu in lib with the game guardian and save it in .apk? Sorry for my English.
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