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  1. contact to @DarkingCheater , he is selling paid version of hacks ... u can trust him about payment and about antiban (but idk if he still works for ff) . just pm him (ofcourse if you can pay).
  2. simple way of using cheats : just use mod menu apps (they are too many in youtube, all ahcks are free) .
  3. My reaction : WTF ? there is not specified anything... Stop writing such posts , noone replies them .
  4. Well , those 2 apis are fully different things . May be you want to select file and read it ? Or whats your main purpose ?
  5. Hello there I think advertisment of script is larger than whole script . Just find and add more values... About backfont of script (source) doesn't have matter for users... They need more hacks. Btw nice for begging!
  6. TopGEOYT

    Script error

    Such error can be faced by printing in loop . It gives out of memory error . Solution : decrypt full script or remove this part of loop from opcode .
  7. TopGEOYT

    GG Choice icons

    Those are emojis only . Nothing special.
  8. Open your Root manager application (Super User/SU, Magisk , kingroot or whatever you use) and don't turn off it . Just close and keep it in background process and try entering in GG again . If still not works clear data of Root manager apk and do same operation once again .
  9. Woah , im glad to hear it . Thanks for trusting .
  10. Welcome then. Yes , if you are going to start hacking then you chose best app for android . And about Game Killer... Dont compare it to Game Gurdian ... But if we will still compare , i think GK is a drop in the ocean to GG .
  11. Without knowing location u cant steal/delete another's scripts.
  12. Another example: local T = os.clock() local a , b = 5 -- a ,b is localed for i = 1,10000 do b = a*a end print(os.clock()-T) --in GG (in 6ram phone) its executing in 0.20-0.24 second Above this case is tested for localed . And about globaled : local T = os.clock() a , b = 5 -- a ,b is globaled now for i = 1,10000 do b = a*a end print(os.clock()-T) --in GG (in 6ram phone) its executing in 0.60-0.80 second For globaled variables it took 3-4x more time as u can see .
  13. Well , global variable is like publiced thing . Out of script anything can read it . When u will write print(_G) this variable will be printed with it's meaning. Bcs of this such variable will take more time for running for example in large loops , since in lua process its shared everywhere. And about localed variable. Its faster since its readable only for inside function. For example: (function() local a = "hello World" print(a)--it will be printed , since its inside function end)() print(a)--here a will be nil , bcs its localed variable inside of function and it cant be readen .
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