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    Version 3.0.0


    Support game version: 8.2.1 Features: M$ R$ Gold Hack Profile Hack Car VIP Hack Endurance Hack Note: Do not Hack too mach M$(more then 4,000,000), R$(more then 100,000,000) and Gold(more then 20,000) or you might get banned!!! In Profile Hack, you can change your profile like: total time played, money earnings, money spent, total gold gained and fame points. Car VIP Hack can VIP ALL your cars. You can run endurance hack before go in match, and then go in Endurance, you will win immediately.
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    I pretty much have everything handled except this one But thank you
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    Name of Game: Summoners War Game Version: 1.2.7 Name of Cheat: Skill Hack Hello Guys, This is my first post on this forum. In this thread, i will show you how to modify a skill for any monster do you have, this can also change form of your monster. First its hard to find, but if you have found the ID of monster its will be easy. I recommend to set range on More Region. For now on i give Water Fairy ID as First search. Why Fairy Water? Because every one must have this monster in their bag. so search this value as statring point -Fairy Water ID unAwaken is 10101 if you awaken value is 10111 search for 4byte, my result is below 100 Address, excactly 46 Address -After result show you must type 1-1 address on memory tab and find display value like below (sure is real pain) i recomend look from bottom addres starting with 5x, maybe you need hex converter Fairy Water (Value are different on other but format are same) 0x39AAB0ED = 967487725 = Monster ID on Server 0x00000000 0x00575720 = 5723936 Your User ID 0x00002775 = 10101 WFairy ID -> Your goto memory Landed here 0x00000004 = ??? 0x0000001E = 30 Level 0x00000003 = 3 Star 0x3F800000 0x00000450 = 1104 Skill 1 ID Aqua Hurricane 0x00000008 = Skill 1 Level 8 -> change this to maxed monster skill 0x00000455 = 1109 Skill 2 ID Purify 0x00000006 = Skill 2 Level 6 -> change this to maxed monster skill 0x0000045A = 1114 Skill 3 Neal Skill ID Invincible 0x00000004 = Skill 3 Level 4 -> change this to maxed monster skill Look at WFairy ID 1 01 0 1 = 1 = ??? 01 = Monster ID Form 0 = Unawaken, if change 1 it Awakened 1 = Element - 1Water 2Fire 3Wind 4Light 5Dark So for Light Neal it will be 1 01 1 4 Later if you want to search again, just remember of Monster ID on Server Value, is unique number 39AAB0ED on me - 967487725 if we search this wi will only 1 value. Any monster you have, it will have your User ID at the top of Monster ID, try search your user ID List Skill Value in Decimal [for other skill, Range is 1000 to 9000 figureit yourself] 2606 Aqua Frenzy 4606 Lulu SKill 2 Heal 4611 Lulu SKill 3 Heal Dispel 4614 Shushu Skill 3 Heal Heal 3212 Eternity 3412 Fiery Dance 6306 Archangel Bless 6201 Grim Scyt 6212 Grim fire Living Hell 7114 Start End You can change any skill if you know its value ID, for example you want to change skill 2 Heal lulu with skill 3 Heal Heal Shushu. After you change it, save and freeze your address because its reset everytime you exit dungeon. And this is Value id to change the look of your monster. Note, value is in decimal 17014 Artamiel 14512 Perna 10202 Fire IMP 13202 Fire Howl 10302 Fire Pixie 15301 Epikion Priest Water if you have awaken her the value is 15311 For Leader skill, its bind with monster Type, when you change Lulu to Artamiel it will boost HP 50% light monster. Remember, this is only Client Side, but skill are working on dungeon, i use Invicible skill equipped on my Lulu. Dont try to change your user id, or if you goto dungeon that monster will be considered as guest and dont recieve any EXP This the output pict In Pict 1 i place Grim Reaper Fire skill Living Hell on slot1 skill for Lulu, it say ReUsable after 5turn, so if Lulu come on second turn or after all skill used, your game will stuck because Lulu cannot use any skill. But dont worry, if you set to play autoplay Lulu will ignore Living Hell Countdown and he will use the Living Hell. In othe Pict I use Skill 2 Mokena on Slot 1, so after he hit mobs he will heal 1Lowest ally HP every turn. On slot 2 im place Archangel Heal 50% HP Skill. on Slot 3 is Epikion Mana Shield. ***This is not for newbie on hacking method.
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    Can anybody figure out how to hack money, and diamonds and other stuffs... Game is server sided on one side... But on other... It can be modded before score when we playing is changed... So there is a catch where is the point to mod stuffs.. For example to get more coins, or diamond etc... But this is job for some advanced users...
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    I never said opposite... are you happy? You wanna do this? Try to be less humorous
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    Version 1.0


    Subscribe to my youtube channel Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcg6QTSe1qqJM2Br46kbOyQ Hack works on Real Racing 3 v8.3.2
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    Topic for known problem and how it resolve. 1. If you use Tencent Superuser and GG doesn't get root - change this root manager to another. For example: SuperSU.
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    Frozen values from the search Search for the number 10. The first 7 results are frozen with a value of 8. gg.searchNumber('10', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local t = gg.getResults(7) for i, v in ipairs(t) do t[i].value = '8' t[i].freeze = true end gg.addListItems(t)

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