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    Fast search

    isnt this script based XsScript?
  3. nio04

    How to make esp

    no problem .... plz procced. i can manage a custom room
  4. No, because I'm banned I can't play online events only. Everything else is OK. I can progress in career mode, participate in every special event, obtain new cars (like Valkyrie lately) and even use Cloud save, although only on one device. But I'd like to have more MS. So my question is the same - is 100M RS, 50k gold and 5M MS a safe suggestion not to be banned, or is it current game/scrip limit?
  5. thats hard btw . search for someone already found that value . finding the value your self is pretty hard. You might need a custom room and hit the head then chest and like that you would find a value where your gun hitted the enemy.
  6. Emljacp7


    game guardian does not look good on android 11 and the problem is with the resolution and compatibility of the application, please wait for a solution to this problem, because when I use the application it does not show in full screen and I had compatibility problems with the application Game Guardian, with apps and Android 11
  7. Friend, can you help me try a game to see if it can be cracked? The name of the game is Dragon Ball legends Help Me Hack The Game [added 0 minutes later] Friend, can you help me try a game to see if it can be cracked? The name of the game is Dragon Ball legends Help Me Hack The Game
  8. its work dude,you have to add the split function
  9. U aim assist then on like i said
  10. Your version dont allow us to log in with Google account
  11. Hey, dear friend, my device is Samsung-A7 upgrade Android-10 Root. This script is perfect for working on my phone.
  12. Thanks alot Mario, appreciate your work and reply...
  13. Script Expired? Will wait for update pls :)
  14. now u mentioned it, can i block "" by gg? once i used host hack, and i block that domain, antiban works... by the way, i dont want to disable ads... i just want to load it faster... it loads for 27 seconds. after loading that time, i get my prize... thats why, i want to load it faster... things about packet capture, i didnt understood anything ... like, i will find some domian/subdomain from capturing, then how can i approach by gg?
  15. Im trying to run Archero in PSL but it kept saying Repair failed, repair again in 3 sec. Plz help Edited: it seems that you cant run archero inside a VS, so is there any other ways or it only works on root devices
  16. Yesterday
  17. Dear MarioRossi93i, merry Xmas & a really Happy New Year to you for this blessing! Works like a charm ***** EA.
  18. Hey Mario ! i tried the slow version , the loading % is there but when i restart the game to see the changed currencies , it gets me an error ! can you PLEASE give me the encrypted values of the currencies ? i wanna do it manually , i know rr3 v8 , the values were "259200;3D;50D" , what are the new ones ?
  19. This script is the best! However, I have one minor complaint: After Running the script there are only 7 Toyotas unlocked, which means that one of the old nascar Toyota Camrys can't be unlocked with the script. Is there any way you could update the script, featuring all the old cars?
    This is the best Christmas gift ever! Superb script.
  20. sorry for curiosity what version of bluestacks and gg are you using? Merry Christmas to you too!
  21. I did once managed to not get ads on my game...however i think if those ads are online based, so you need wifi to get those ads it probaply wont work...i think its more about 0 and 1, 0 = ads dont come 1 = ads come There wont be something as speed up timing of ads, i mean try to speed up the game process and see if the speed of the ads also go faster, if not then it could mean that the ads are running seperatly from the game process, but still, in theory the ads must come from somwere, if they do come online they must have received a signal from out of the game that they got to send some ad right now. GG also shows the values of the net traffic. so maby if you use some http program to check if there is any specific package going through when the app is appearing you can find that value using GG...its quite interesting actually, if you know a bit here and there how to use you can even find some account info and maby get acces to banned accounts...but i had this debate before in the past and then they told me that GG must be used for what it is used and thats for modifying games. not for actuall hacking. I dunno if speeding up ads is considerd hacking though. [added 3 minutes later] because you have ads that run offline, and usually those ads are the same everytime so those should be possibe to remove. try to use unknown search. in the basic way, when the add appears use increase and when is gone use discrease. thats asuming its a dword value 0 to 1. and if that does not work you gone have to use the changed and unchanged...give it a try.
  22. Yeah but its not that type of game were coints is that usefull. You dont really need those equipments if you can kill the bots anyway. If you hack those coints you buy 3 guns, some jackpack and some coint multiplier...not that usefull or fun. Unlocking all the levels or in match is more fun to work with in this game..if it was a bigger game and more secured then i could get that you want to hack the coints because it is actually usefull and makes you gain a advantage. [added 3 minutes later] The mainpoint to is about finding the values. If you just modify the coints and leave the game its not that fun...not for those that want to make a script or something. Do you follow my point of view? People want to have fun to
  23. oooo...its a clean sweep. GOO_Zeus.mp4
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