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  1. Today
  2. You come cheating forum to protect your apk from it. lmao
  3. Link the game or name. Btw i think you must use pointer and offset.
  4. Ok i understand. but how to. disable the internal debugger in the game subprocess.
  5. your script is out of date (out-of-memory searches, offsets and wrong pointers) or the bug was corrected by the developer
  6. Could you tell me what the values of stamina and cd skill !?
  8. Please help me crack the game for crystals !! game version in GP 29.0.21109 = is it possible for GameGuardian to create a script for this game ??
  9. This is dead game , Cant bypass anticheat , i tried all method in GG including disable protection for all app, virtual, xprivacy ,magisk hide etc. always force close after scanning value. any advice?
  10. Hi, I was wondering about the sort of damage a malicious script can cause, is it possible for a LUA script to install malware or backdoors on a rooted phone running the latest version of gameguardian? How do i access gameguardian logs to see what a script has done? Thanks for helping
  11. Yesterday
  12. Can you provide more examples of encrypted values that correspond to displayed value (the first one)? One example is rarely enough to spot any kind of pattern. Like 3-4+ examples might be enough to understand how encrypted values are related to displayed value. Also particularly useful is to know encrypted values that correspond to displayed value being 0 (zero).
  13. celluvisc

    Texas Poker

    please, a lua sript or explanation to increase the tokens, cips. thank you
  14. View File Mine_Breaker.V1 ___STEPS FOR MODS_____ For god mode set health at 155 For no hunger or thirst or ***** set it at 150 Gem mod will crash your game just reopen it the gems will stay I will up date this soon This script is for mine survival Submitter Blackwatch69 Submitted 10/16/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  15. Hello this is the version of the game: Has anyone the Damage Script or can help me with that please
  16. ChrisB


    Hello. Did you succeed downloading the FV 2 CE script? Could you send it to me? On the website it has expired. I couldn t send a message to you Thanks a lot!
  17. Hey uh i mean likee... How do i find the code i want? Let's take an example. Okay. I want to know what code is Developer Mode (Dev Mode) in Growtopia. And thats the problem. I dont know the code i want or know how to search it. I don't know if you just tried to explain that to me but can you send an youtube video or call me in discord? Ill have to put mute btw if we are on dc but ill use messages. Here is my name. Ayato#4835 Thank you -NUMLK
  18. Помогите пожалуйста сделать мод меню. Играю в топ клане, может даже договоримся об оплате. Я знаю что технически это реализуемо. Скрипт на постройку и снос здания , чем быстрее тем лучше. (таким образом получается эффективный сбор опыта). В идеале было бы сделать фарм бота. Который мог бы собирать некоторые награды, вклады в клан и уничтожение войск на карте. Они могут искаться на автомате, через поиск. Please help me make a mod menu. I play in the top clan, maybe we can even agree on payment. I know this is technically feasible. The script for the construction and demolition of a building, the faster the better. (thus an effective collection of experience is obtained). Ideally, it would be to make a farm bot. Which could collect some awards, contributions to the clan and the destruction of troops on the map. They can be searched automatically through a search.
  19. Broi am play with megic bullet script give ban 10 min ban or more next time but others are ok
  20. Learn lua here If done you can learn gameguardian here
  21. View File Sandbox 3D Unlimited HP and More! Unlimited HP, Rapid Fire, Giant Barrels, Fly Hack, Speed Hack, Super Jump, Antenna, etc. Made by Gannon Riley. Youtube: Gannon Riley Submitter GannonRiley Submitted 10/16/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  22. I guess it depends. But for me im still playing.
  23. Last week
  24. Battle Bouncers, I know that there is no one can hack this game . If you change any value, it display like a fake. If you cheat coins or diamonds and start buying, the game shut down. You cannot bypass the level, if you change the level value the game close and restarted again. I need just a lua script that can force the damage, to broke all boxes in 1 or 2 shoots. Or make unlimited balls like 100 or 200 balls, so that will be good. Any pro here, can make to us a lua script and not a modded apk.
  25. View File Script Roblox Game Guardian SUBSCRIBE YOU YOUTUBE: ModsLua THANKS Submitter ModsLuaYT Submitted 10/15/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  26. Represented by Gamevil, the official Slightly Mad Studios launches the first newest mobile game in the "Project Cars" series: "Go Racing". This work will include many original authorized car models, as well as the highly praised body modification in the series, and other elements, so that players can also experience the unique charm of this popular racing game on their mobile phones. Download link- Project Cars Go
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