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  2. I would like to know how to cheat this game. I can change the value of food with dword but the other values like population, goods etc seems different value that is hard to fuzzy search cause those value isnt actively changeable. I dont know how to pin point a value specially with different types except for dword. Thanks https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herocraft.kodp
  3. after - gg.searchNumber - then get some money. after that - gg.refineNumber- to that new money value you have. that will narrow down the results.
  4. function mainmenu () local mainmenu = gg.choice ({ ' Subscribe to Quark ThoNos ', ' Other Menu ', ' Exit '},nil,' Quark ThoNos') if mainmenu == nil then gg.toast("Canceled") os.exit() end if mainmenu == 1 then tosubscriber () end if mainmenu == 2 then other6 () end if mainmenu == 3 then exit () end end function tosubscriber() gg.alert("Please subscribe to Quark ThoNos.") end function other6() gg.alert("Go to Other Menu...???") end function exit() gg.alert("The script will exit now...duh.") os.exit() end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then mainmenu() end end like this.
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  6. Same as using not gg .lua code. It is common task task Lua related. Use google for find answer.
  7. tusk

    Mario Kart tour

    or should i search for something else?
  8. function mainmenu () mainmenu = gg.choice ({ ' Subscribe to Quark ThoNos ', ' Other Menu ', ' exit '},' Quark ThoNos') if mainmenu == 1 then tosubscriber () end if mainmenu == 2 then other6 () end if mainmenu == 3 then exit () end end
  9. to. 0~1 means all numbers between 0 to 1 . 0.000001,0.000002,0.9999999,0.41421421,0.31415.
  10. so let's say I have a lot of cheats how would I make a category for activated cheats where all cheats witch is active are and another category where all the inactive cheats are? [added 1 minute later] I am talking about a a lua script if it wasn't clear
  11. ok thx but what does ~ mean?
  12. You need a smart guy, ask @Pedrollopis
  13. I want to find out how I can create a new text file using a gg .lua code
  14. GameCrasher

    Decryptor lua?

    I remember a lua file that van decrypt any file, when I serch for it now its suddenly wiped from existence, I want to decrypt a file but I dont want Top geo to help, does anyone have that file??
  15. I really need to be the latest virsion of real racing 3 because it's really hard to hack it without the script plz help
  16. Hello can any one share tutorial for this game? I try hack the move but its so hard This link the game : https://m.apkpure.com/id/ayodance-mobile/com.megaxus.ayodance
  17. I am struggling with doing anything related to changing values to currencies or how to obtain them please help I started this a few days ago but have not gotten very far. i would like to change some currencies such as credits, tokens, and fusion coins. also couldn’t get lucky patcher you work for iap but that is consistent across most online based games that I have tried. I have asphalt and everything on my tablet and I am working the site on my iPhone.
  18. Maybe they're server sided?
  19. Thanks Lord... You boosted my moral. Actually I m playing dragon city and since two years very slow progress and I saw people have gems in lakhs so i got fascinated and joined game gardian but as I m not good in IT so have very less knowledge about this but i got lots of help through lua script provided by some one on web
  20. Trial and error. From 0~1, 1~2, 2~3 until n ~ n + 1. If the game zoom in or out, then you found the value. (Use float)
  21. Is there anyone who can help without applying to a YouTube channel or elsewhere? Is there any cheating that is still going on? Souls, Koins, Character Fusion Hack Etc.
  22. View File Real Racing 3 Level Hack Real Racing 3 Level Hack v. 1.0.5 Requirements: - Game Guardian: 96.0+ - Real Racing 3: v8.4.2 Usage: - Open RR and logoff your account. - Disconnect device from internet. - Run the script in the home and choose the level that you want. - VERY IMPORTANT: Close and restart the game - Now you can activate internet connection and login with your credentials I ve tested it hundred of times and until now i got only one error. In this case restart the game and try again to run the script. It should work. Tested on android 5 (PC emulator) and 10 (recenti phone) If you like it you can say thanks Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 05/20/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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